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SEPREM was founded in 1992 being dedicated to the turning, milling and grinding of metal parts for earthmoving machinery, as well as the grinding of motors and various metal components. New business opportunities have led to permanent updating efforts and to the expansion of the range of activities developed in order to maintain competitiveness.

n 1996, SEPREM became a KOMATSU’s concessionaire, of all earthmoving equipment for the district of Braga, which led to the reorientation of SEPREM\'s business strategy, focusing on the commercialization and provision of equipment maintenance services.

Following the same strategic line of diversification, in 2005, SEPREM, moves to other facilities, increasing the area of production.

Meeting the market needs, it commits to 2 new areas:
- Painting
Metalworking (implementation of a production line and repair of quick couplers, rippers and buckets, etc ... and their homologation).

This modification led to a growth of over 100% of the invoice volume.

In 2010 and 2013, it implemented an investment project aimed at qualifying and certifying the company and fostering its active presence in the global market.

The present moment, characterized by the rapid advances of the industry in terms of technologies and trends of the demand, brings out the need of reinforcement of the capacity of production and innovation. It is in this logic of continuous investment and reinforcement of competitiveness that SEPREM now intends to form a new, coherent strategy that allows it to increase its production capacity, responding to the high demand that has been registered in the various sectors of activity.

SEPREM intends to follow a strategy of Global Differentiation.

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