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In 2010 Seprem started an investment project to modernize the company through total computerization of processes, improving energy efficiency (facilities and processes) and internationalization to strategic markets. (Application 29/2009 of QREN). The presented project, with the number 12220, was approved and the incentives granted, signed in May 2010.

The organizational improvements earned from the implementation of these investments, allowed SEPREM to grow in national and international markets, The growth of the competitiveness is due to the significant improvement of productive processes and methodologies.

Seprem – Serviços de Precisão do Minho, Lda. has a Productive Inovation Project currently ongoing, investment project n.º 022663 supported by the Programa Operacional Regional do Norte, under the Portugal 2020.

The present projects intends to promote innovation, by strengthening business competitiveness, through the increased production of technologically reinforced goods. This competitiveness is based on differentiation, diversification and innovation, as a result of the dynamic monitoring of the markets, each piece being customizable. The following areas will be developed: production of metal parts for equipment from various sectors of activity, production of larger parts and development of branded accessories.